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Win the SHO Award

The Scottish History Online Web Award we feel represents some of the best in Scottish Sites on the web. Not just for the content but the development, structure, look and feel. It doesnít even have to be a site designed by a web developer, thatís not what this award is about. Itís about websites that promote the best of what Scotland has to offer in the way of history and heritage, culture, tourism, its people and places. Good luck on your entry for the Award!

Scottish History Online Award 2000

Scottish History Online Award 2002

Scottish History Online Award 2001

How to Win this Award!


  • Your site must contain contents of Scottish Interest or be of a Historical nature pertaining to Scotland.
  • It must be easy to navigate and reasonably quick to open.
  • The site must be of an innovative nature and must contain Graphics as well as Text.
  • Awards will not be given to sites that are Link only, or have no content of their own.
  • There must be no Adult Links or anything with an Adult Content.
  • You must hyperlink the Award (should you win it) to Scottish History Online using:
  • Scots History Online reserve the right to refuse any applicants for the Award who they feel do not warrant or do not meet the criteria and will not enter in to any negotiations.
  • Winners of the award will be placed on the award winners page of SHO only if the award is displayed on their website.
  • Applicants should outline by email why the feel their website should be considered for the award. 
  • The applicants entry for the award will be jugged by a panel of 3 for fairness.
  • The award should not be altered in any way and should be presented as is.

Please click on Image  to Apply!


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