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The Duncans

The Helen Duncan Story

Brigadier General J K Duncan CSA

Duncan Medal of Honour Winners

Duncan Clan History

Rev Henry Duncan 1774 -1846

The Picts and Celts

Burghead fort and Well

Origin of the Picts

Maes Howe Orkney
Brandsbut Pictish Ogham Stone
Chariots in Pictish Art

The Symbol Stones of Rhynie

Rhynie Man
Craw Stane
Church Yard Stone 1
Church Yard Stone 2
Rhynie Square Stone
Elephant Stone
North Wheedlemont Stones
Upper Ord Circle

Rothiemay Pictish Stones and Stone Circles

Tillytarmont 1 (The Goose Stone)
Banffshire Journal 1952
Tillytarmont 2
Tillytarmont 3
Balmoral Castle Court Circular 1953
Tillytarmont 4
Tillytarmont 5
Redhill Stone
Corskellie Recumbent Stone
Avochie Recumbent Stone
The Ringing Stane
Rothiemay Stone Circle

Skara Brae Orkney

Photograph 1 Skara Brae

Photograph 2 Skara Brae

Photograph 3 Skara Brae

Photograph 4 Skara Brae

Photograph 5 Skara Brae

Photograph 6 Skara Brae

Photograph 7 Skara Brae

Photograph 8 Skara Brae

Photograph 9 Skara Brae

Photograph 10 Skara Brae

Photograph 11 Skara Brae

Photograph 12 Skara Brae

Profile of Scottish History Online

The Scottish History Pages

Around Alvah, Banff, Aberdeenshire

Photograph Alvah 1

Photograph Alvah 2

Photograph Alvah 3

Photograph Alvah 4

Photograph Alvah 5

Photograph Alvah 6

Photograph Alvah 7

Photograph Alvah 8

Photograph Alvah 9

Photograph Alvah 10

Photograph Alvah 11

Walter Cook Photographer 1851-1924
The Cook Family Photograph
The Cook Children Photograph
Walter Cook Photograph
Walter Cook Family Tree
Scottish Territorial Designations
The History of Rothes Castle
Scottish Battles by Location Including Dates
Armorial Bearings or Coat of Arms
Admiral Viscount Duncan 1731 - 1804
The History and development of Scottish Tartan

Scots and English Language

Burke's Peerage & Gentry International Register of Arms

The Thistle Emblem of Scotland

Scottish Hillbillies and Rednecks

Piper George Findlater VC, Gordon Highlanders

Robert the Red (Rob Roy)

The Scottish Russian Connection (The Lion and the Bear)

The Jacobites

Burke and Hare the Ressurectionists

Declaration of Independence, Arbroath 1320 

Huntly a Potted History

Old Photographs of Portsoy 

North High Street, Portsoy 1910 & 1960
Portsoy Public School
Ogilvie Home Portsoy
Seafield Street Portsoy
Coastguard Station
Curries the Tailors and Kilt makers, Portsoy
The Lock Portsoy
Fatties Rock, Portsoy
The Lime Kilns, Portsoy
The Mills and Bleaching Green, Portsoy
Old Harbour and High Street, Portsoy
Harbour & Village 1920's
Harbour & Village 1920's
Boat and Crew Portsoy 1910
Portsoy from the West
Herron Line Baiting, Portsoy 1910
Old Pictures Sandend
Sandend and Harbour
Partons for Market
Group Photograph Sandend Harbour
Sandend Harbour 1900s
Sandend Harbour 1972
Wreck of the Maria, Sandend Bay
The Mystery of the Fire of Frendraught  1630

Famous Scots

The History of Traquair House ad950

Photograph Traquair House

RAF Banff 1943 - 1945

Image Galleries RAF Banff

Crew Briefing
Rocket Testing
Beaufighter 404 Squadron
Mosquito Bomber
Mosquito Crash at Base
Aircraft Turning 333 Squadron
Submarine Attack
Bomb Dump RAF Banff
Sortie 1
Base Aerial Photograph
Mosquito Rocket Arming
Mosquito Preparation
Group Captain Max Aitken DFC
Sortie 2
Sortie 3
Beaufighter with Radar 404 Squadron
End of War Parade RAF Banff
Ice Scraping RAF Banff
248 Squadron RAF Banff
Sortie 4
Sortie 5
Sortie 6
Sortie 7
Sortie 8

Memories of The Crews RAF Banff

Memories of  Charles Day

Arthur Jackson Pilot 235 Squadron

Bill Night Navigator 143 Squadron

Agnes Shaylor Heavy Transport Driver

John P Campbell

Alan Peters Flight Sergeant Navigator

Sorties Flown at RAF Banff 1943 - 1945

RAF Banff Profile

Treaty of the Union of Scotland and England

Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites

St Andrew and His Cross (The Saltire)

4 Scots Heroes at the Alamo

Scottish History Online needs your help

  The Restoration of three 18th Century Military Bridges  
Pictures of the bridge over the allt damh burn
The Three Bridges Bibliography
18th Century Military Bridge, Delavine Burn
Scottish Highland Cattle Drovers
Military Bridges Links and Credits
Creation of The 18th Century Military Roads
Wades 18th Century Military Road Today
Technical report on the 18 Century Masonry Arch Bridge
Image Gallery -18th Military Century Bridge - Tornahaish Burn
The Smugglers and the Whisky Roads
An 18th Century Military Walkers Road

The Fergusson Collection

Crichton Castle

Hermitage Castle

Ochardton Tower

Caerlaverock Castle

Dirleton Castle

Linlithgow Palace

Tantallon Castle

Threave Castle

The Duke of Argyll

Iona Abbey Interior

The Lords of Argyll

St Orans Iona

Bay Of Pledge Iona

Lismore Lighthouse

Dunstaffnage Castle

Loch Linnhe

Clan and Clan Societies

Clan Societies Page 1

Clan Societies Page 2

Clan Societies Page 3

Clan Societies Page 4

Clan Societies Page 5

Win the Scottish History Online Award

Scottish History Online Awards Won Page 1

Scottish History Online Awards Won Page 2

Scottish History Online Award Winners

Join the Scottish History Club

Scottish History Club Articles and Bylaws

Members Enter Scottish History Club

Scottish History Online Copyright and Legal Notice

Scotland's News Online

Contact Details for Scottish History Online

Scottish History Online News

Image Galleries Scottish History Online

Huntly Aberdeenshire 1895 - 1905

Battlehill Huntly

Bleachfield Mills Huntly

River Bogie and Mills Huntly

Bogie Street Huntly

Huntly Castle

Huntly Town Photograph

Huntly Lodge

Huntly Mills and The Bogie

Gordon Schools Huntly

Scotts Institute Huntly

The Square Huntly
The Brander Library Huntly
Castles and Scenes of Scotland
Ben Reoch Loch Lomond
Ben Lomond
Corgarf Castle
Edinburgh Castle
Drum Castle
Dunnoter Castle
Glen Buchet Castle
Ardveck Castle
Findlater Castle
Huntly Castle 2
Rothiemay Castle
Robert the Bruces Castle
Frendrought House
Moscow to Omsk, Russian Visit
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