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No one likes to ask for a persons hard earned money but Scottish History Online is trying its best to keep this site a totally FREE resource for visitors to enjoy and  interested in Scotland its People, History and Heritage. This however is becoming increasingly more difficult to do, as costs escalate as the site grows and the online charges increase as a result.

Over and above this more and more organisation like library’s, museums, universities and government departments to name but a few, charge for the usage of information and imagery that can not be obtained else where and  is needed to try and give as accurate an account of events as possible which, helps us increase your enjoyment.

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Scottish History Online would like to to thank you in advance for your donation. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those directly involved in SHO for the huge amount of time they have donated in helping to keep this all going. A further thanks must also go to all those who have submitted articles, or given us of free permissions to use imagery and the like which, has gone a long way to helping us construct these pages and make this a valuable and enjoyable resource for those interested in the History of Scotland and its people.


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